Terms & Conditions

00:34, Friday 16th July 2021


• To secure your booking a deposit is required this is usually up to 50% of the basic rate of the treatment/s made at the time of booking and comes off the final payment. This is NON REFUNDABLE if you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment
•You will receive a reminder emails between 16 and 24 hours prior to your booked appointment via automated message
• Lateness of 15mins or more may mean your appointment can not proceed due to other bookings.
•Please enquire about prices BEFORE booking an appointment or BEFORE the treatment begins.
•Walk ins may require payment before treatment begins
•Rescheduling or changing appointments. Please make sure that if it is insisted changes occur that these can be completely accommodated


•If you are not happy with your nails please make me aware of it ASAP or 
BEFORE you pay. I will then adjust them to your satisfaction or remove any coatings that have been applied. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE APPOINTMENT
•If you decide you don't like the colour upon painting, you MUST tell me as early on into the treatment as possible. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER TNE APPOINTMENT
•Any initial nail treatment is guaranteed for THREE calendar days from the date of the appointment. In the event of any defects an appointment to 'fix' the nail will be offered free of charge. (Please be aware that defects include any chipping/lifting etc only and not if they have purposely been picked/chewed/tampered with, by you the client, of which signs of force will be apparent to me). Please note that to be eligible for a fix or removal, the defect must be brought to my attention within the timescale stated above and that these new appointments will NOT be covered by a new guarantee period. Any other repairs will be charged at £3 PER nail 
•If you decide you do not like the colour/design/length AFTER the appointment you will have to rebook an appointment which will be charged accordingly. 


• It is required that a NON REFUNDABLE deposit is taken, if appointment is cancelled after the 24 period no refund is possible


•Due to my insurance policy, I cannot preform acrylic extensions lash lifts or tints on any persons under the age of 16 years old. 
• Patch tests must be taken no less than 24-48 hours prior to treatment appointment or treatment can not take place. 


•Model fee is a reduced rate UP TO 50% of the price of the treatment. 
•Cancelation of a model appointment will mean your not considered as a model for future. Spaces have to be filled on a deadline. 
•Creative licence resides with me for all model calls
•Treatments from a model appointment are not guaranteed this are for students to practice


• Please wash your hands when you arrive for your appointment then use the hand sanitiser which is provided. 
• Face masks to be worn at all times until covid safety practice is no longer required

If at any point you do not agree with the above conditions then treatment cannot be carried out.

(These policies are subject to change without warning).